About Us

Who we are and what we do!

We are a Gold Coast based group of media professionals that organise luncheons and events throughout the year to encourage networking among colleagues, to foster relationships within the diverse business communities of the Gold Coast, to enhance skills through guild-related guest speakers and raise funds for charity.

We also conduct the MACCAs, the Gold Coast and region annual media awards.

Our Charter

To raise funds for donation to such charities as shall be nominated by the association from time to time and to encourage, educate, entertain and support members in the interests of furthering professionalism. Funds raised at events may be allocated to members suffering severe financial hardship at the discretion of a unanimous decision of the committee.

Our Committee

Executive Committee

  • Nicole MacDonald, 4U Accountants
  • Rehana Adcock, Adcock Management
  • Kate Innes, Hello Marketing
  • Marilyn Strauss, e-CBD
  • Ron Hailes

Our Judges

2019 Judges to be confirmed.

Thanks to our talented and tireless team of judges who give up so much of their time to assist with the MACCAs. The Media Club Gold Coast appreciates their support, interest, dedication and enthusiasm, which for many of our judges has extended over several years.



The Gold Coast Media & Corporate Club is a group of industry professionals who organize and run events throughout the year to encourage communication and networking among colleagues, to foster relations within the diverse business communities, enhance skills through guild related speakers, raise funds for charity and support members of the media and allied industries in times of financial need or medical crisis.

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